FBAA Mentorship

Be an FBAA Accepted Mentor

Mentoring is a professional relationship where the mentor assists the mentee with the development of specific skills and knowledge for their professional and personal growth. The FBAA’s Accepted Mentors Program endorses those individuals that meet the requirements and criteria for professional mentoring as set out by the FBAA below.

FBAA expects that an endorsed Accepted Mentor will:

  • Be transparent in communicating all requirements, criteria, expectations and fees of the mentoring plan to the Mentee.
  • Provide the mentoring plan over the agreed period and in the specified way as established at the commencement of the mentoring period with the Mentee.
  • Adequately monitor the development of the Mentee, ensuring that the Mentee is achieving competence throughout the duration of the mentoring period, and when competence is achieved, that the Mentee is released from the mentoring arrangement.
  • Maintain appropriate professional boundaries with the Mentee.
  • Notify FBAA if the Mentee (FBAA member) does not complete the required period of mentoring.
FBAA Accepted Mentor Requirements

To be endorsed as an FBAA Accepted Mentor, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a member of FBAA and be a current loan writer wit at least 4 consecutive years of trouble-free lending/finance broking experience; OR
  2. Be a professionally qualified educator in lending/credit and have worked in the lending sector for at least 4 years; AND
  3. Provide written proof of your suitability to act as a mentor in-line with either Point 1 or Point 2 above:
    • The completed Accepted Mentor Program Application Form;
    • A copy of your Mentoring Plan;
    • Four written references that support your experience as a Mentor;
    • Your current professional resume; and
    • Evidence of relevant professional membership/s.
Mentoring Plan Criteria

As an FBAA Accepted Mentor, your mentoring program must include the elements necessary to ensure the Mentee achieves the skills and knowledge to be a competent and responsible finance broker. Your mentoring plan must include, though is not limited to, the following information:

  1. A detailed training and coaching schedule;
  2. Explains the frequency of contact and the type of contact such as, face-to-face or telephone;
  3. Outlines all assessments including the schedule and method (the ‘when’ and ‘how’);
  4. Lists the requirements regarding the number and type of applications to be submitted;
  5. Details the resources that the Mentee will be required to have to fully participate in the mentoring plan such as access to PC, internet, webcam etc;
  6. Explains the reporting structure and expectations such as maintaining a logbook of all contact;
  7. Provides detailed information regarding all fees including upfront, ongoing, commission splits and any other costs associated with the mentoring plan for the full duration of that plan.
How to Apply

Please download and complete the Accepted Mentor Program Application Form and email to mentoring@fbaa.com.au with the relevant documents as outlined in the Requirements section of this document.

Download the above as a PDF

Terms and Conditions
  1. All Accepted Mentors must be approved by the FBAA Board, subject to meeting the FBAA Accepted Mentor Program requirements and criteria.
  2. The Board reserves the right to refuse to endorse an individual as an Accepted Mentor without showing cause.
  3. An Accepted Mentor gives consent for their details to be disclosed on the FBAA website.
  4. Employees or representatives of, an organisation that runs a mentoring program, can apply to be endorsed as an Accepted Mentor under that organisation’s mentoring program. Where that individual employee or representative leaves said organisation, the individual must submit an alternative mentoring plan for assessment in-line with the Mentoring Plan Criteria. The individual will retain Accepted Mentor endorsement provided the alternative mentoring plan is deemed satisfactory per the criteria.



Daniel PaciVault Logo

Director of Become a Mortgage Broker & Vault Mortgage Corporation Mobile: 0401 167 149
Email: info@become-a-mortgage-broker.com.au
Web: www.vaultmortgage.com.au

Daniel Paci began his professional life in property development before completing a Real Estate Licence followed by an advanced diploma in Financial Planning and then a diploma in Finance & Mortgage broking. In 2005 Daniel focused his attention on mortgage broking and now has decades of experience in the property and mortgage broking industries.

He founded Vault Mortgage Corporation with his business partner Louis Frade in 2006 and Become a Mortgage Broker in 2012.

Daniels consistency and dedication within the mortgage broking industry has seen him build healthy relationships within the real estate, law, accounting and finance industries. As a fully certified FBAA mentor, Daniel has personally and successfully trained hundreds of mortgage brokers from all over Australia.

Daniel is passionate about sharing his knowledge and is committed to helping you achieve your mortgage broking goals. Daniel cites “helping a mortgage broker to build their own successful business is the highlight of my work”

Karen Hambleton-O’GradySimply Mentoringa

Simply Mentoring
Mobile: 0408 943 903
Email: karen@simplymentoring.com.au
Web: www.simplymentoring.com.au


It’s about structure and success.

Simply Mentoring is a programme designed for new entrants to the industry. You can expect the structure and ongoing support you need to successfully achieve your business goals. You work through the programme and your mentor is there as a ‘guide from the side’ to help you through.

Anthony ZveglicFinsure-Logo_CMYK

Finsure Broker Academy
Phone: 0488 555 557
Email: anthony.zveglic@finsure.com.au
Web: https://www.finsure.com.au/brokers#business-assets

I’m a qualified training professional with significant RTO exposure and over 25 years working directly in the Australian finance industry, my experience includes time at NAB, St George, Mortgage Choice, Performance Edge Systems (Registered Training Organisation) and the BT / Westpac Group.

I work exclusively with Finsure/LoanKit Brokers so they can get ahead of the competition.

Since joining Finsure in 2016, I have created the Finsure Broker Academy of which I am the Mentor. In this role I educate, motivate and encourage participants who are new to finance industry. The program is comprehensive and all-encompassing for people that want to become a Broker, a financial services professional.

The Finsure Broker Academy mission is dedication to producing the best version of you.

Andrew MihosFinsure-Logo_CMYK

Finsure Broker Academy
Phone: 0447 404 586
Email: andrew.mihos@finsure.com.au

Andrew Mihos began his finance career in 2008 with NAB, specialising in consumer sales before quickly working his way up to a Mortgage Sales Banker. It was during this time at NAB that he discovered an interest in the area of Learning and Development. Over the past decade, Andrew has worked in various roles as a Mortgage Broker, Credit Assessor and Relationship Manager, during which time he has developed his natural leadership skills and passion for the finance industry.

In early 2018 Andrew joined Finsure’s Learning and Development Team where he has been able to combine his vast lending experience with his passion for supporting newcomers to the industry. The Finsure Broker Academy is a comprehensive and all-encompassing mentorship program for people looking to venture into the Mortgage Broking industry.

Andrew is full time in his role as a mentor and is available via email, phone or face to face. He is also a certified mentor with FBAA. Combining his previous banking experience with his ambition to assist others succeed, Andrew has the determination and experience needed to support you on your journey to becoming a successful Mortgage Broker.

Graeme Porter

Rhonda Porter

Australian Broker Servicesabs logo

Graeme– 0409 932 136
E: graeme@abrokers.com.au

Rhonda– 0407 443 753
E: rhonda@yfcloan.com.au

Australian Broker Services Pty Ltd is a husband and wife team with over 60 years of finance and banking experience covering all aspects of Compliance, Business Development and Loan writing.

Graeme is a qualified Trainer delivering training for Certificate courses in New South Wales as well as the writer of an Asset Finance course. He has established Mortgage Broking businesses for a number of Accounting and Financial Planning groups and has a sound knowledge of Compliance.

This was obtained in his past role as a Compliance Manager and Responsible Manager for a Boutique Aggregator in NSW. He has a strong understanding of Commercial and Asset Finance and also Finance Industry regulations.

Rhonda Also has experience in the Financial Planning area and offers a wealth of knowledge in all residential Lending as well as SMSF, Reverse Mortgages and Asset Finance

Australian Broker Services has a very structured learning program that focuses on all aspects of Finance and Mortgage Broking with a choice of 3 models depending on the Mentees needs. Their focus is assisting Mentees create a business that caters for the entire needs of their clients, just not residential mortgage finance.

Andrew Larcombetam_logo_highres

Trusted Adviser Mentoring
Mobile: 0417 512 306
Email: andrew@trustedadvisermentoring.com.au
Web: www.trustedadvisermentoring.com.au

“Accelerate Your Success”

“The smartest decision I made when I left the banking industry to become a mortgage broker was find a great mentor.  Andrew Larcombe has been my mentor for 5 ½ years and I can’t imagine attempting to navigate the steep learning curve I faced and the continuous challenges I’ve encountered along the way without his advice.

There is no doubt in my mind that the speed at which I’ve been able to grow my business is a direct result of the support and guidance I have received from Andrew.

The fact is there is no substitute for experience, so if you have the chance to work with Andrew my advice is simple, take it!”

Vanessa Lewis DipFS(F/MBM), Credit Adviser

When you’re looking for a Mentor, it makes sense that you would want to make sure the person you choose is suitably experienced to give you what you need.

Why take the risk, and why deal with a person that doesn’t have the industry experience needed to get you the best result?

Andrew has over 35 years’ experience in the Banking & Finance industry covering a diverse range of roles including 20 years as a successful self-employed Mortgage Broker.

Being passionate about helping others, Andrew enjoys mentoring brokers, both new and experienced.


Peter Ellis

Lending Mate Supporting the Solo Broker
Email: peter@lendingmate.com.au
Mobile: 0413 435 763

Website: https://lendingmate.com.au/solo-broker

Peter is an accomplished and energetic Finance Broker with a solid history of achievement in loan submission to settlements gained from over 12 years working in both PAYG and self-employed roles within the Mortgage & Financial Services Industry.  He is the owner of Lending Mate which offers mentoring support to Solo Brokers in their businesses.  Peter is a strong believer that Brokers should not have to experience the stressful business roller coaster of continuous ups and downs that is usually associated with being a solo operator.  He only works one-on-one with Brokers, allowing them to fully utilise his unique skills and current industry knowledge providing them with the ability to learn at their own pace and promptly receive feedback along the way while growing a successful and compliant brokerage.  Working with many lending partners and other proven industry experts, Peter is here to ensure that Brokers build the life they dreamed of when they first joined the industry.



Natalie Sheehan 

Mobile:  0419 100 385
Email:  natalie@morethanmentoring.com.au
Web: www.morethanmentoring.com.au 


Aggregator-Agnostic, our Team share a vision to equip New to Industry Brokers with the knowledge, skills and passion to build a sustainable, profitable, ethical and scalable mortgage broking practice. And THAT is why I believe we breed so many Industry Finalists and Award-Winning Brokers, year on year.

“Nat is a superstar, I really can’t speak more highly of her. Nat’s knowledge of the residential mortgage industry is second to none, and it’s a privilege working with her because you always get the right answers on bank policies, and client scenarios and strategies, and you get them fast.“

– Daniel Gold, Long Property.

Mortgage Broker, Author and Property Investor.

Victoria & Tasmania

Joe Mennea

Financial Consulting Australia
Mobile: 0413 966 452
Email: jmennea@optusnet.com.au

If you are interested in becoming a mortgage broker or have an interest in the mortgage broking industry or simply aspire to become a better broker, contact us.

Mentoring is more than just ‘training’, it is more than just ‘process’. Mentoring to FCA represents a unique partnership where we work together for a common and trustworthy purpose… to see your business succeed. No pretence, no ‘pie in the sky’ wishful thinking. Integrity and honesty in every aspect of our and your businesses.

Our aim is to ensure your aims are achieved, we do this through trust, respect and dedication.

qfg-logo-ns-cmykSue Hayter

Quality Financial Group Mentor Programme
Mobile: 0425 792 903
Email: sue@melbournemortgagebrokermentor.com.au

“Positive, Passion and Persistence to Succeed”

Sue is an experienced mortgage broker, the owner of Quality Financial Group Pty Ltd, and has over 20 years experience in the banking and finance industry.

Quality Financial Group is a boutique mortgage broker company which mentors serious new to industry mortgage brokers who are looking for the opportunity to build their own sustainable & successful business with their own brand name.

With bucket loads of information working as a mortgage broker for many years, Sue decided to write the Quality Financial Group Mentor Programme to help new mortgage brokers become successful.

While actively writing home loans and keeping up to date with the latest in our industry, Sue’s sleeves will be rolled up working beside you. You will find your mentoring experience to be professional and authentic, grounded by honesty, integrity and a good sense of humour.

CapturePauline Ryan

Loanworx Group Mentoring
Phone: 03 9329 3900
Mobile: 0438 044 790
Email: pauline@loanworx.com.au
Website: www.loanworx.com.au

Pauline has been a successful mortgage broker for over 17 years. She is not only successful as a mortgage broker but has excelled in property development. Until 2016, Pauline was the owner and CEO of a registered training organisation specialising in mortgage broking where she wrote the material for the Certificate IV and Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking.

Pauline is currently the CEO of 2 successful mortgage broking businesses. She has an abundance of real experience and knowledge that enables her to provide you with the facts and skills to succeed. Pauline will absolutely live up to and surpass to the expectations of what the word ‘Mentor’ means.

Dien Le

Finance and Coffee
Mobile: 0400 889 022
Email: dien@financeandcoffee.com.au
Website: www.financeandcoffee.com.au

I started out in Lending as a credit officer prior to moving to a frontline BDM role with Citi, Homeloans Ltd and then Macquarie Bank. My experience is therefore wide ranging from prime to non-conforming lending. Crucially, I have a bankers eye as to how to put a deal together.

More recently I started the broker community to help new brokers (and old) called Finance and Coffee in Feb of 2016. Eventually we will cross paths. So contact me and let’s start with a cup of coffee.

Glenn D’Arcy

Director of Australian Business Coaching and Mentoring
Email: glenn@austbcm.com
Web: www.austbcm.com

Glenn has been involved in the mortgage and finance industry since 1995.
In that time he has worked in many areas of lending and has a great deal of experience, particularly in the construction of new homes and the acquisition of property to build wealth.
Glenn built a very successful brokerage, concentrating on giving his customers and business partners a very personalised experience, one that made Glenn much more than just a trusted confidante, he became a family member!.
Glenn started mentoring brokers into the industry as a continued passion for making the industry better, as the industry has changed, asking more of its new entrants, Glenn has taken this responsibility very seriously, ensuring all his team are highly educated, highly motivated and ready to make a difference in peoples lives. Glenn’s prime focus has always been on building solid, long term relationships and he takes this passion and shares it with his mentees. Glenn also believes in giving his mentees a personalised and multi-layered program with assistance that is tailor made expressly for each individual.
Glenn is a full time Mentor and is a qualified and certified mentor of both the MFAA and FBAA.

Ekta Gill

Email: info@financeship.com.au

I am as passionate about lending as any one can be. I love making people’s dreams come true. From years of banking experience I have learnt to wow every customer, generate sales, conduct excellent appointment, structure the deal and present it to the bank. I love to pass on all this information to other brokers and have excellence in the industry. I believe mortgage broking to be a great career but without proper support and guidance of a mentor it may lead to dissatisfaction and eventually closing down of ones newly set up business. My mentees get regular training and coaching, full back office support, great team to work with, branding and marketing and an office to work from.
Together Let’s make it bigger !

Western Australia

Rob Lowdon

Vigilant Mentoring
Mobile: 0417 178 127
Email: rob@vigilantmortgage.com.au

Choosing the right mentor is one of the most important decisions you will make when becoming a professional Finance Broker. As an active Finance Broker, qualified training professional and accepted FBAA Mentor, I am dedicated to ensuring mentees possess the knowledge, skills and motivation to build a successful business.

I assist with meeting all mentoring criteria including:

  • Coaching you to manage issues and queries regarding business management, lending and finance broking.
  • Assist you to meet ongoing educational requirements (Continuing Professional Development).
  • Teach you relevant lending and business skills.
  • Facilitate your growth by sharing resources and networks.
  • Challenge you to grow beyond you comfort zone.
  • Assist you with ‘real-world’ scenarios and answer questions in the loan process.
  • Provide guidance on aspects of compliance and risk including, but not limited to, AML/CTF, ‘know your customer’ and NCCP (National Consumer Credit Protection Act).

Contact can be through various means including face to face, skype, email, phone and professional development days.

Karen Hambleton-O’Grady

Simply Mentoring
Mobile: 0408 943 903
Email: karen@simplymentoring.com.au
Web: www.simplymentoring.com.au

Queensland & Northern Territory

Michael Kelly

RFS Finance
Mobile: 0408 189 138
Phone: 07 3667 8030
Email: mkelly@rfsfinance.com.au

Debby Wilson

Professional Lending Pty Ltd
Mobile: 0422 463 466 or 0416 292 346
Email: debbywilson@bigpond.com or debby.w@beacongroup.com.au

I have been in the Banking Industry for over 26 years both in the United States and also in Australia.

I am originally from California and started my Banking Career in the US working for Dime Financial, Wells Fargo and North American Mortgage.

I moved to Australia in 1997 and have held numerous positions including State Manager of Westpac Bank, Broker Owner/Director of Professional Lending, Pioneer Mortgages and Queensland State Manager of Australian Loan Company. I am currently the State Manager of Interactive Mortgage & Finance/Beacon Group Lending arm.

I have been a mentor for over 12 years and have been in lending in Australia for approx. 19 years.

Mentoring is a step by step process and everyone can be a bit different in there learning capacity. We try to take each individual and have them work at their own pace to get them up and running, enabling them to write home loans as quickly as they have the ability to learn. Anything new will take time to remember, so you will progress at your own pace with us helping you to achieve along the way.

Stephen Rasmussen

Tailored Lending Concepts, Finance Brokers and Consultants
Phone: 07 4637 0836 or 0412 295 875
Email: stephen@tailoredlending.com.au

Ping (Penny) Huyan

Goldenwater Mentoring Pty Ltd
Part of Goldenwater Group
Tel: 07 3193 7688
Mob: 0432 820 856
Email: penny@goldenwater.com.au
Web: www.goldenwater.com.au

Penny was an experienced and well-respected chartered accountant (ICAA) for eight years before embarking on her journey as a mortgage broker over four years ago, seeing it as a great opportunity to utilise her professional background and add value to the mortgage industry, as well as to achieve professional and personal growth. Over the years, Penny has developed tremendous passion for the industry and accumulated enormous experience and knowledge to assist her clients who require residential and/or business lending.

Seeing the rapid changes in the mortgage broking landscape, Penny feels obligated to share her knowledge and skills with new mortgage brokers, and to help them find their feet and prosper. Penny will be sharing not only the technical skills for being a mortgage broker, but also how to run a successful business and how to network with professionalism and integrity. Penny’s goal is to help more and more new and responsible blood into the industry, so we will all benefit and grow stronger as a whole!

Gerard McDonald

Touchstone Equity
Mobile: 0434 767 719
E: touchstoneequity@iinet.net.au

Gerard was first introduced to the mortgage profession through an association with a development company in 2004. At that time, there was little regulation, even less compliance requirements and little technology to support the business. So as the profession has evolved and changed over the years since, so he has had to adapt and grow to meet the current requirements. But that background he believes provides a very solid base on which to provide support and mentoring for new and established brokers looking to enhance their services to their clients.

With many years of experience as a broker, business owner and BDM for a specialist lender, successful outcomes for clients usually just requires some thought be given to the options that are available, researching and presenting them to the client in a way that meet their needs and provides a solution.

The mentor program that Gerard offers is built around 8 key principles, with additional access to a range of business tools, including personal development and coaching programs that offer excellent support to a broker starting out or looking to expand and develop the product and services offered through the business.

You will need to commit to your future, have realistic but challenging goals and challenge yourself to do the best you can for your clients, and your success will follow.

George Smith-Roberts

Realestate.com.au Home Loans

P: (02) 6638 0901

E: george.smith-roberts@choicehomeloans.com.au

W: realestate.com.au/homeloans

George Smith-Roberts is a successful Mortgage Broker, owning the Franchise for realestate.com.au Home Loans operating out of Lismore in the Northern Rivers of NSW. We offer a tailored mentoring package to help you become successful in your new career, with 24/7 phone and email support available to all mentee’s. Our package is individually tailored to meet your needs to ensure the best outcomes available.

Being located close to the QLD/NSW border, we can offer face to face training for Mentee’s located in South East QLD and Northern NSW which is included in our flat rate fee. Alternatively, our services can be accessed remotely if required and be administered nationwide.”

South Australia

Gary Baker

Activate Finance Pty Ltd
Mobile: 0416 037 979
Email: garybaker@activatefinance.com.au

New South Wales & ACT

Jaka Indraputra

The Limitless Group
North Parramatta NSW
M: 0424 464 144
E: jaka@thelimitlessgroup.com.au

After a diverse career in the banking industry working for the major banks, Jaka entered the broking space and has since provided clients with the highest level of professionalism and expertise through his Limitless Group brand.

His Fulfilment comes from educating individuals around their financial awareness, helping them understand where they are, how they got there and ultimately, helping them realise their full potential and possibilities for the road ahead.

With over 10 years’ experience, Jaka has proven himself to help others realise their full potential by eliminating financial challenges and creating greater opportunities. Jaka prides himself on being the market leader in assisting new-to-industry brokers in growing their businesses into strong, diverse and sustainable brokerages. His innovative approach to mentoring means that you should always be able to reach at least one of us in the event you require assistance, whether it be for scenario support, escalations, or sales and business coaching. Under his mentorship, he aims to have brokers create a profitable and successful business that compliments the lifestyle they want to live.

Nissan Nissan

Stephen DinteAugmentoring Logo - to use_Page_1

Augmentoring Pty Ltd Nissan – 9609 4655 – Unit 5, 42 Newton Rd, Wetherill Park E: nissan@augmentoring.com.au Stephen – 9688 7888 – Suite 6, 1 Railway St, Baulkham Hills E: stephen@augmentoring.com.au The partnership between Nissan Nissan & Stephen Dinte brings together the knowledge gained from a combined 35 years of mortgage broking. This is coupled with Stephen’s experience as a trainer having, at one time, been the Training manager for one of Sydney’s large Building Societies. Mentees will undertake a very structured learning program that focuses on the key aspects of lending, marketing and prospecting, with the aim of setting them apart from other industry participants. Nissan and Stephen pride themselves on taking each individual mentee, step by step through the training years, and making them confident and knowledgeable exponents of our craft.

Mitch Tilbrook

Reality Home Loans

P: (02) 8415 8959
E: mitch@realityhomeloans.com.au

Great opportunity for a new broker to learn the ropes and be mentored through their initial 2 years. You’ll have the benefit of learning how to package and present loan deals and keep on top of your compliance requirements. More importantly you’ll have the benefit of learning from a small business person with a sales and marketing background so I can help you with the biggest challenge a broker faces which is new client attraction.

I’d love to have someone on board that will help me with my own deals when I get busy on a commission share basis.

If you have your own brand and are passionate about it that’s fine, but if you think you’d love to come on board with my brand then there’s definitely a long term opportunity for the right person to become a Reality Home Loans Broker.

Hilal Aydemir

Blue Belle Finance

M: 0403 225 707

E: hilal@blubellefinance.com.au

I have over 25 years experience in the Finance Sector working with CBA, Citibank and Macquarie. I have been a Business Development Manager for over 14 years working with finance brokers from all walks of life. Throughout my journey as a BDM, I have been awarded and recognized, based on my experience, expertise, professionalism, innovator with eye for meticulous detail and most importantly my passion for my craft and industry. I will demonstrate commitment to my profession, integrity, ethics, innovative ideas, coaching and increasing sales, by contributing to the development of my mentees by formulating sales and implementing effective strategies to increase market share and brand.

I welcome all new recruits into our dynamic industry and would love to be part of your new journey in to the Broker World.


James Vassallo

Managing DirectorWMB

Wealth Mortgage Broking
Suite 102, 7-9 Merriwa Street GORDON
T: 02 9418 1766 | M: 0438 469 900
W: http://wealthmortgagebroking.com.au

Xiao (Oliver) LI


Head of Sales and Training Option Finance Australia Pty Ltd Mobile: 0429 919 300 Email: oliver.li@optiongroup.com.au Web: www.optionfinance.com.au Oliver has demonstrated outstanding professionalism and ethics not only within Option Finance Australia but also in the wider mortgage industry. He is well known and is the recipient of many of the industry awards including the prestigious Australian Mortgage Award – Broker of the Year in 2016, MPA’s Young Guns 2016 and Option Group Culture Keeper Excellence Award in 2017. Since Oliver accepted his current role as the Head of Sales and Training at Option Finance Australia, he has been able to nurture many junior brokers and groom them to become successful brokers and industry leaders. He is very well respected by brokers under his mentor program and has become a role model for all of our credit advisors.

Lea Green

  Capere Education M: 0425 287 160 E: lea.green@capereeducation.com.au I have over 15 years experience working in the mortgage broking industry, particularly as Training Manager for Citibank Mortgages division, and currently trainer and assessor for the Cert IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking and Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. I am passionate about seeing new to industry mortgage brokers succeed in their chosen profession, offering support and development from the early stages of your career. I believe that training and mentoring go hand in hand, assisting you in navigating anything from compliance requirements, processes, procedures and products, to increased leads and sales. For brokers new to industry we develop a program based around the topics that you would like to learn more about. I look forward to welcoming you to the Capere family and seeing you enjoy success for the future.

Nunziante Losanno

Oracle Home Loans P: 02 6132 5900 M: 0412 584 788 E: nunzi@oraclehomeloans.com Writing loans is both great fun and sometimes ridiculously frustrating and occasionally both at the same time. You need to understand, people, process, numbers, compliance and possibly business management. I am sure you would not be considering this career if you did not back yourself to be able to manage most, if not all, of these items. As a mentor, our job is to be available to help with the areas that may need some work, be available when the obscure pops up and you may need a second opinion and most importantly, point out the funny side of your frustration when someone makes a simple process seem impossibly difficult. We are here to help you understand the essentials, assisting you to solve the tricky ones and remind you to laugh; we offer 23 years’ experience within the industry without tearing our hair out. We have knowledge in brokering, mortgage management, commercial, business loans, loan structuring, company as well as trust lending and motor vehicle finance. Our company has been running since Jan 2002 so we have some idea on longevity. Equally, we also know that there are likely to be new methods and practices that could help us improve our business too. We are comfortable that we have significant information to pass on but we are not yet too old to learn new tricks. We would hope to genuinely partner with anyone we mentored. With our desire to partner with our associates, we will not be a good fit for all, and all will not be a good fit for us. There are likely to be a few coffee meetings to confirm similar mindsets and expectations before we both take the plunge. Hopefully from there it will be fun and rewarding for both of us.

Richard Khuong – Director | Finance Strategist and Mortgage Adviser

E: richardk@simpleeasyfinance.com.au W: simpleeasyfinance.com.au Richard has worked in the finance and sales industries since 2002 in various positions including management of credit and fraud teams across Asia and ANZ for American Express, credit card investigations, and door to door sales. I In his mid-twenties, he started investing in properties with his wife and has since built and developed a successful property investment portfolio. Since starting his own mortgage broking business in 2017, he has settled more than $55mil of loans in 2 years while also being awarded the FBAA Mentee of the Year in 2018 and being one the MPA Young Guns of 2019. He is now looking to expand on his business by welcoming new brokers into the industry. Why can he and his team help you?

  • He continues to write loans so has the most up to date and practical knowledge of credit policies and procedures;
  • Came from a background outside of the banks so can help new to industry brokers understand what it takes to achieve above average results in a short amount of time;
  • With a background in sales, property investing, management, customer service, and now running his own company, there are life experiences he can share which will help that right person achieve success inside and outside of broking.

Rooma Nanda  |  Director – All R Loans

All R Loans – P: 1300 539 718 W: www.allrloans.com.au

Rooma Nanda started her career in this industry after acquiring prodigious experience with corporate giants like IBM, Yellow pages and Toyota Money Home Loans.

Her pre-eminence in each field and companies she worked for, pushed her towards a destined vocation in the industry of property finance.

In 2008 Feb, just before GFC, she started her company in property finance, called All R Loans and took her business to the next level within a year.  Her formula, she says, was simply to switch off TV and radio, whilst media was bombarding doom and gloom during those days.  Rather than focusing on that negativity, she simply focused on customer service instead.  Within a decade, she acquired a paramount position in the industry by achieving various accolades along with her customers’ five star rating (evidenced in published testimonials).  To her, she says, customer satisfaction and their positive feedback is most important than any other achievement and is a driving force behind her continuous improvement.

Rooma has trained a number of aspiring brokers by conducting workshops on the weekends and helped a number of women start their careers in this industry. Her training is very simple but highly effective. Her hands-on experience in solving daily case scenarios is an invaluable intellectual asset which she shares with her mentees.

Sze Chuah  |  Director – Mortgage Lending Specialists

MLS Finance – P: (02) 9635 1888  W: www.mlsfinance.com.au

MLS Finance exists because Sze Chuah (Director) had a passion for property investment for many years and saw the huge impact that it had in his own life. Given finance was always the biggest challenge in investing, Sze wanted to create a business that would truly understand and cater to investors like himself.

We pride ourselves on helping people who want to invest in property to grow their wealth to provide them financial security. Having clients achieve their financial dreams is what truly motivates us.

How do we achieve this?

Our mission is to help our clients own property and grow their wealth by providing outstanding customer service to them. We use our experience, contacts and expert knowledge to help shape clients’ portfolios and help them achieve their goals.

We have developed close working relationships with a range of lenders, from the major banks through to niche funders and worked closely with other market specialists including accountants, buyer’s agents, real estate agents, conveyancers / solicitors and financial planners to build the best financial solutions. As part of our character we communicate with honesty and transparency at all times. We are here to make a difference in our clients lives and we are determined to help client’s grow their wealth to be able to own their home, investments and to have the ability to retire in comfort.

National Office

Hours: 8:30am – 5pm Monday to Friday
Phone: 07 3847 8119 Email: info@fbaa.com.au

National Office

Street: Level 1, 116 Ipswich Road, Woolloongabba, QLD 4102
Post: PO BOX 234, Stones Corner, QLD 4120

Finance Brokers Association of Australia Limited

ACN: 094 784 040 ABN: 22 094 784 040
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